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Sep 24, 2023
Look i have been doing this for so many years, past few month I have been off to work on some projects and traveled to cash out our own work,
i saw things out there is different from how system has changed but guess what the is better way to cash out with good doc and ssn but listen dumps don't work EMV is nothing useful and guess what even when you swipe the card you need to sign or pin but not for high amount.
on the thread let be useful t1o ourself and share tut that can help us , if you can cash out dumps your own way and have proof don't H1esitat to hit me i will send you few if it works good we have deal, just give 30% of anything :) I have checker i will share with you/ if you know something i d1ont know kindly Commet understand. i am ready to learn more because I got a lot of dumps

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Hello. Once upon a time I cashed out 101+pin, it was a good time, with 201 I could only shop and only after deactivate the chip. Anyway you need a girl in jewelry shop 😄 Now I don’t know how this is done, is it possible to write 201, and what is the number for this.
Well, relatively recently 201 prepaids were available at gas stations in Italy
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